Monday, May 10, 2010


I know, I know... It has been like years since I've posted anything! (Not really...) But adjusting to being a mother of 2 with my husband over 2000 miles away, free time come very rarely and when I do get it I just want to plop myself down and rest :-). But I would LOVE to share with you all a few little updates.

1. Kyle is doing great at his MOS school, one of the top in his class! He's guide over his class (Class leader). And some good news for our family he will be coming home for about a month during his break from school :-) I am so excited, as well as the kids! Unfortunately, he will have to go back to finish his class til October!

2. My sister bought this workout video called "Insanity" (Has anyone heard of it?) Anyway, it has been kicking my butt every time I do it! I'm totally waiting to be RIPPED in 60 days as it says! LOL ( If that's possible!) I feel great, strong, and healthy, but have gained about 8 pounds doing it. I'm told that it's muscle weight BUT... still! If anyone can shed some light on that would be nice ;-)

3. Taika is growing TOO fast! He's 7 months... he is crawling...sitting... pulling himself up to stand... and walking along the couches... eating solid foods... and teething! (Dear SON, Slow it down a bit! Mommy wants to enjoy all these baby stuff while it last! Love, Mommy)

4. Símone is turning 2 on the 17th of May! She's is Miss Independent, and wants to do everything herself. She's a loving big sister. She is constantly surrounded by BOYS but know how to stand her ground.

5. I have picked up a few hobbies. I've learned to crochet. I've finished a few hats, scarfs, blankets, hair pieces. I LOVE it! It's so fun and relaxing. I've always had a passion for Photography, my wonderful husband bought me a Canon EOS Rebel XT about a year ago or so, but have never really studied all the nobs and gadgets. I took my kid out to do my first photo shoot last week and am really happy with the results. Which makes me want to do more! Needless to say, I'm trying to find some guinea pigs to practice on. I also made my first trip to the east coast about a month ago to visit Kyle! It's beautiful! The DC temple is beautiful, and we had such a blast!

Here are the result of my photo shoot with the kids. Símone wasn't cooperative AT ALL, I was surprised I got anything good with her being such a stink butt!


Carly said...

love the pictures! they are getting so big!

Shannon said...

CUTE!!! your kids are adorable!

Chelsee and Billy said...

You did such a great job on the pics! And I can't believe you are doing insanity! Crazy girl. You will have to let me know how it goes....=-)

Oliver would love to be one of your picture projects! ♥

Anonymous said...

I'm willing to be a project for your pictures. My boys love their pictures taken. We actually will be looking for someone to take pictures after the new addition comes along around Oct.