Monday, September 28, 2009

Baby Update!

Well, there is still no baby yet! I went to the Doctor last week, I was dilated to a "Good 3"(as he put it), and he says my cervix is pretty soft too. He stripped my membrane, in hope to help induce labor naturally. That was Wednesday of last week and still nothing. My blood pressure has been going up for the past few weeks, and my Doctor is concerned about that... so we set a date to be induced. I will be going in this Tuesday at midnight, which means I'll be delivering at 38 weeks. I have been waiting all week for this little guy to come in hopes that my water will break or I start contracting regularly. The last thing I really want is to be induced... I think it's more because I don't know what to expect, and I only have the experiences shared to me by friends and family. So today and tomorrow will officially be the last couple of days being pregnant! Good bye, big belly, big butt, heartburn, pain in my ribs and back! Hello, Beautiful Baby Boy that I have been waiting 91/2 months to meet!

Also some good news, we officially found a name for our little man. We have had the hardest time finding a name for our baby. Kyle came up with all these crazy names that I can't stand... like Bear, Bruin, Danger, Ruckus... and those are just a few! (with names like that our Son would end up in jail, or people would be for sure expecting a naughty child). Then there was me who came up with names that were too common, or not strong enough for his first son! (Whatever!) I swear, I was sure our child would arrive and still have no name at the rate we were going. But I will have to give Daddy all the credit. He came into me one night , I was asleep, and he woke me up and said... "What do you think of the name Taika?"... of course, half asleep I rolled over and said I'll have to sleep on it. It took a few days to be sure but we loved it. And most important we both agreed! So officially... Taika Tangiora Blood!

Well, we will keep everyone posted on how this next week goes. I can't wait to meet our little Taika!

Monday, September 7, 2009


I had my Baby Shower on the 29th of August, it was a nice little gathering of family and close friends, it was perfect. We had some yummy food, and fun games. Many thanks to Mom, Chanele and Dixie for all the help in preparing for it. We provided lunch, some yummy chicken salad sandwiches, chips and dip, fruit, and some awesome chocolate cream cheese pie that I made... it was super yummy! Games were provided by Mom, Chanele, Azia, and Auntie Jenni. We played the belly measuring game, I measured 10 toilet paper squares, baby bingo, name the baby animals, and a matching games where you had to match the candy with the baby terms. It was fun! I got a ton of baby boy clothes, handmade burp cloths, quilts and blankets, which was exactly what I needed. I'm so grateful for all the friends and family who came to celebrate with me the arrival of our second child, even when it's not traditional to have multiple baby showers after your first child. It's just fun to get together and enjoy each others company, eat some good food, and play some fun games.

Simone and her cousin Colton keeping each other entertained.

Baby Shower favors. I made the tags, they turned out super cute. They were bags filled with Peanut M&M's. MMmmm...

...another picture.

Chanele and I made a diaper cake the night before... it was a last minute thing, and it turned out way cute. Also had a few pictures of the baby ultrasounds out for display.

Mommy and Simone. I think she was a little jealous that the party wasn't for her :(....

Friends and family mingling.....

... and eating some yummy food.

Opening the gifts, this is a Afghan made by my mother-in-law... absolutely love it!

More cute clothes.

Like I said before, I was so thankful to everyone who came to support me, we had so much fun, and I feel so blessed to have such awesome family ad friends!!! Thanks!!!