Wednesday, June 17, 2009


We went to Warm Spring last week for my nephews birthday. We had so much fun. The weather was amazing, nice and cool, and that's saying something for the beginning of June in Las Vegas. We were the only party there, so we had the pool all to ourselves. Mom cooked some delicious grub, Shoyu Chicken, rice, Mac and Potato Salad, fruit, and tons of snacks. So needless to say, we swam and stuffed our faces the whole day. Kaiden, the birthday boy, seemed to have fun, we sang Happy Birthday, and had some yummy cake.

Simone had a blasted, she loves the water. She is just growing up too fast. She thinks she is a big girl and wants to do everything by herself. By the end of the day all the kids we pooped and ready to go home. We are so happy for Kaiden and his celebration of his first birthday. And are happy for the chance we get to be with family to celebrate these kind of occasions. Here are some picture of all the fun we had.

Simone in her floaty, of course she hated it... but we were able to get a good shot of her in it and not crying.

The Blood Family

Mommy and Simone

Grandma and Tayvion

The Boys playing water basketball.