Tuesday, August 18, 2009


This last week we went on a little family vacation. It has been a really long time since our family has gone up to visit my Dad's grave site. So we all crammed into a minivan and head up to Utah and Idaho for a little vacation. Thanks Mom for letting us all tag along, Chanele and her boys came up as well. We had such a blast. We went up to Utah Monday night. This was my idea, but not one of my brightest, I will admit! My thoughts were that if we went up at night the kids would fall asleep and traveling would be easy. YEAH RIGHT!! Never again will I attempt that. Simone was so uncomfortable and fussed on and off the whole way. Thankfully we made it to Uncle Jerry's and Auntie Ang's safely. This was the first time I had seen their new home, and it was beautiful. Their kitchen and living room windows over looked the lake. It is amazing!

Kyle taking the kids for a ride on the long boards.

I was cringing everything he did... praying he wouldn't crash.

We couldn't keep Símone off it after that, she loved the ride!

Tuesday morning, after a good nights rest we headed straight up to Idaho. Mom rented a little cottage, in McCammon, ID, where Lava Hot Springs is. So we stopped there first to check in, and then made our way up to Shelley, ID, where Dad is buried. It was so nice to sit and think of Dad. And also see some of our other families grave sites. The kids loved it too. They ran wild and free. After a few hours of visiting we headed back to Lava Hot Springs. And took a late night swim. We went to the Hot Pools, which were HOT! They were well over 100 degrees. Of course with little kids we didn't stay long. The next day we swam at the Summer Pool there, which had slides and platform diving. We all loved the pool, and had so much fun. Kyle was the only one who enjoyed the slides and diving though. At nap time we took the kids back to the cottage, and Kyle took the tube ride down the river. We were all going to go, but were told that it can get kind of rough. Thankfully I didn't cause when I picked Kyle up at the bottom of the river he had fallen out of his raft and scraped his back on the rocks. But it didn't stop him from going again.

Mom and Dad's headstone! One of the nicest ones there!

The back with our names.

Grandma, Grandpa and the Grand kids.

Attempt at a family picture... that's as good as it gets!

Good morning sleepy heads. The grand kids, at the cottage.

Símone, all ready for a day at the pool.

The Family

Attempt at a self portrait, and snacking at the pool.

Kyle, heading down the river... this was his second time around.

Later that evening we headed back to Utah, and spent the rest of the week with Uncle Jerry and Auntie Ang's family. Thursday we spent the day at Utah Hogle Zoo. Friday we just relaxed from all our adventures. Spent sometime at the park and went to a fundraiser dinner for the local high school that a few of our cousins will be attending this year. Then Saturday we assisted my cousin Nathan at his eagle project. They painted the USA on the black top of their elementary school. We were so glad that we could be there to participate in his project. Sunday we headed home...

Daddy, Símone and the oldest elephant in North America.

Another family picture at Hogle Zoo.

The lake down from Uncle Jerry and Auntie Ang's house. Símone wanted to get in. We didn't stay long cause we were getting attacked by swarms of mosquitoes.

A day at the Park for Símone and Kaiden.

Tayvion, Deighton, and Ammon getting pushed by Kyle.

The Kiddos.

It was such a nice trip the weather was great, nice and cool. They even had a couple of rainstorms which was a nice change, and we are so grateful to Uncle Jerry and Auntie Ang for allowing us to stay in their home.

Saturday, August 8, 2009


We just wanted to wish our nephew Colton a Happy 1st Birthday. Thanks Sherrelle and RJ for the good food and fun time. We just can't believe how fast they grow!

We enjoyed our time celebrating it with all our family. Símone had a blast too. She had her first horseback ride on Fling, thanks Grandpa. She did really well! She didn't freak out at all. She makes the cutest little cowgirl! Check out the picture of her first horse ride, and more!

Our little Cowgirl!
Her practice attempt before the real deal!
More Cuteness!
And some more!

And there she goes. I am a proud Mommy.
The end!!
We couldn't get her to smile. I think she was just watching Fling the whole time. Making sure he didn't do anything crazy.
Her second time around... with Daddy this time.

Relaxing with Grandpa, after all the birthday celebration.


It's been a while seen I've blogged, so I have quite a bit to catch up on. July 25th and 26th we celebrated Pioneer Days with our Stake. It's kind of a big deal. On Friday night they have a dinner. Then on Saturday, they have a talent show, game booths for the kids, food booths, then a huge fireworks display. They do this every year, and it's always a huge success. As a family we didn't make it to the Friday night dinner, but we went to the Saturday evening event. It was a ton of fun especially since Símone was old enough to know what was going on. She had a blast. It was HOT... but the food was good, the kids had fun on the water slides, and Símone loved the fireworks. We were front and center, and she didn't freak out one bit! Enjoy the picture of our evening celebrating our wonderful pioneer ancestors.

Here we sent Símone down the water slide... It was so HOT and thought the babies would love the cool down. So Grandma, took her up half way and pushed her down. She freaked out, but it was funny!
What's a carnival with out your face painted. She was a good girl and sat as still as a 1 year old can.
The finished product!
The Family waiting for the firework show!