Sunday, July 12, 2009


Just a little update on my pregnancy... I'm 26 weeks, and I had an ultrasound the other day so we got to see pictures of our baby boy. He looks healthy and is growing on track. He weighed in at about 1lb 14oz and about 13 inches long. We even got to see some 3D ultrasounds of him and he is such a cutie! Here's the ultrasounds of our little Heart Breaker!

Also, this weekend Grandma took the grandkids to get photos done at Kiddie Kandids. Símone was such a good sport, and she had such the little character. She is grow into this beautiful little lady, it's amazing to me at how much children grow and learn. We are truly blessed to have such a beautiful family that is continuing to grow. This truly is the greatest joy here on earth.

This picture makes me wonder what is going on in that pretty little head of hers.

The grandkids! They got their matching aloha outfits from Chanele. They are so adorable!

Miss Gorgeous!

Need I say more!

Sunday, July 5, 2009


This weekend we celebrated the 4th of July together with my family, Auntie Lorraine and her daughters, Auntie Jenni and her kids as well as good friends of ours Vivian and Lence Teleaga and their family. Kyle had to work at the temple in the morning so we stayed in town for all the fun. Thanks to the Teleaga's we had a place to swim and eat some "ONO" food!!! We had a feast, and I'm still feeling the damage! Mom made her yummy Shoyu Chicken, rice, mac salad... And The Teleaga's made some amazing Taro, Palusami, and Samoan Long Rice... Like I said, I'm still feeling the damage!

We started our celebrations around 10am, went swimming then had lunch. By this time, the kids were pooped so we went home for naps. And when everyone regained their strength, we went at it again, this time Kyle was off, so he could join in the fun. We ate dinner, then swam some more... when dark came we pulled out the fireworks for the kids and had a little show. It was super fun, relaxing and filling!

Símone taking a break for the pool!

YUM!!! That's all I can say...

Mikeila getting her hair did, by Chanele! Ouch!

Elijah and Alvin

Alexandra and her best friends "Red Vines". She had like a million of those the whole day!

Grandma and Tayvion

Daddy and Simone enjoying the water!

Símone being little Dora the Explorer.

Her very own ice cream cone... And she ate it pretty well all by herself.

Sparklers, Fun!