Wednesday, June 18, 2008


For those of you who don't know us we are the Blood's. I was known formally as Christina Tangiora, but as of January 7th, 2006, I became eternally a Blood. I know this isn't the most flattering name especially for a woman. I worked in an elementary school and all the kids "eww-ed" at the name Mrs. Blood! For my husband Kyle, growing up with this name was actually very rewarding. Living in the North part of Las Vegas, and attending schools such as West M.S. and Mojave H.S. (Located not to far from "North Town"), he made friends really quickly with the real "Bloods". Along with a pretty cool last name and his city-country boy style, popularity came quite easy for him. Being a drummer in several bands, and the drummline leader in High School (if you have seen "Drummline" the Movie, He was pretty much it, their High School had the best drummline/Band for years). Also being the only white boy as a member of their High School Kappa League. We definitely prove the adage "Opposites Attract". Unlike my Husband, I was the quiet conservative type. I expressed myself through music, and playing basketball, or by concentrating on my studies in school. I was pretty much the girl in the back of the class that nobody noticed. Keeping to myself was pretty much my safety zone. Until I met Kyle I don't think anyone really knew the real me.

That takes me to how we met. Naturally, we met in our home ward in the North Las Vegas Stake. We started dating December of '03. I graduated High School January '04, and we continued dating for over a year, taking our time to really get to know each other. Along with working several jobs at a time, attending Singles Ward and Institute together, and spending as much time together as we could. Life was great! Then on August 17th, 2005 we got engaged. On January 7th, 2006 we were married in the Las Vegas Temple. All I can say is it was the most perfect day of our lives. I couldn't have ask for anything better. Our honeymoon was spent in Okinawa, Japan. And we had the time of our lives on that beautiful Island! Loving the newlywed life, we couldn't have been more happier!

Then in October of '06 my father passed away suddenly, It was hard, but it is such a blessing being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and having the knowledge of the Plan of Salvation got me though this hard time. The week before my father went into the hospital our Stake President asked the whole stake to fast for the sick in the Stake. And the take an opportunity to attend the temple. He promised that if we did this that the sick would be healed and we would witness a miracle. When we were asked to do this I was so happy! I know that my Dad wasn't well, but obviously we didn't know how bad it really was. So I felt really good about it and took the request of the Stake President really seriously. We fasted that next Sunday, and as a family we attended the temple together. Little did I know that this was the last time I would see he well and conscious. I remember walking hand in hand with him in to the celestial room after our session. I feel blessed to have that last memory of him live and well. Dress in White! You may think that I would be upset because God didn't save my father. But I know that God has a plan for all of his Children. He knows us personally! Like I said before we really didn't know how sick my father was, when he was in the hospital we found out how sick he was, and what pain he was in. Our Heavenly Father understood the pain that my father felt, and relieved him of the pain that he was suffering from. In that I believe is a miracle!

We then celebrated our first anniversary, and decided to start a family! Finally, after a long wait, we were blessed to find out we were expecting October 1st, 2007 (which happens to be Kyle Birthday). This makes our trio. Which I'll talk more about in another blog.

I just have to say that I am the luckiest girl on earth. I that most wonderful Husband who treats me as his Queen, and to be bless to have the opportunity to be a mother. I could ask for more! This is us so far, I hope you enjoy getting to know us a little better!!!