Friday, October 30, 2009


We had Taika's baby blessing on the 18th. Yeah, I know, it was really early, he was only 3 week old, but Kyle had to leave for basic train on the 26th. Yes, for those of you who haven't heard Kyle enlisted in the Marine Corp. He left the 26th, and I am missing him like crazy! Anyways, it was a great day, Kyle gave a beautiful blessing, and we enjoyed the visit with friends and family.

Miss Simone and her Brother. Simone is sporting her battle wounds, brave girl!

The Stud!

He is just the cutest guy ever... and he's sporting his Van's, thanks Auntie Chanele!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Taika's umbilical cord fell off so with the help of Símone and Kaiden, I was able to give Taika his first bath. He LOVED it! If he stayed in long enough I think he would have fallen asleep!

The helpers!

Probably brings back memory of being in the belly!!! Ahh... the good ole days!

Happy clean baby!


I gave Símone her first haircut last week. She sat as still as an 17 month old could, and the end result came out pretty well. She looks all grown up now! I forgot to take a picture of the "Before", but if you can imagine her bangs past her eyes, and the back of her hair growing past her shoulders... this was so needed! Well, here is the "After".

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Taika Tangiora Blood arrived September 30, 2009 at 2:03am. Weighing in at 6lbs 2oz, and 19.5 inches long. Humm... Where to begin?

Kyle and I headed for the Hospital at 10pm on the 29th, we were scheduled to be induced because of my high blood pressure. We got there at about 10:30pm, and started all the paperwork, medical history questions, and got me all dressed up in my gown. Finally at 11:45pm they checked my cervix, I was already at 4cm. They then broke my water, and started me on the smallest amount of pitocin. My contractions started immediately, they were strong and consistent, about 2 minutes apart. Once the nurses got me settled, they left us to ourselves, and said to call when we were ready for the epidural (because I was dilated so far a long I could have it whenever). I decided to tuff it out for as long as I could handle it, but by 12:30am, I was screaming mercy. Thinking I had several hours left, I didn't think I would make it with out a little relief (little did I know)! So we called for the anesthesiologist. Then they gave me more paperwork to fill out, which by the way is not easy to do when your contracting. A few seconds later Mom and Chanele walked in, I throw the paperwork to them to fill out for me, while Kyle was relieving some of the pressure of my contractions by pushing on my knees. This helped a lot!!!!! Thanks Auntie Ang for suggesting it... The doctor came in shortly after to give me the epidural. And as soon as I laid back down I had the urge to push. The nurse checked me, and I was complete! I had to labor down for a good half an hour before my doctor showed up, after a few pushes Taika arrived safe and healthy! We were all shocked at how fast everything went, but so grateful!

It has been 2 weeks, and we are all home and healthy! I'm adjusting to being a mother of 2 children, nursing is getting more and more LESS painful everyday. Taika, is a really good sleeper and very passive. He eats about every 3 hours, and sleeps well at night. He's gaining weight really fast. When we left the hospital he weighed 5lbs 10oz. And at his doctors appt. a week later he weighed in at 6lbs 8oz... and grow an inch! Simone is still adjusting slowly, she does love being a helper, but does get jealous sometimes.

Blood Family... minus one!

Chanele thought this was funny... Like I said, it was not easy filling out paperwork while coping with contractions!

Our Little Man

This was the first time Simone meet her new baby brother. She was scared at first, but eventually warmed up to him.

She is going to be a great big sister!

2 days old, and wide awake!

Getting his hearing test done... looks more like he's jamming to so music to me!